About us

ABM Fast Solutions (fastsolutions.pl) is a brand of independent polish market research agency founded in 2012 owned by company Grupa WW Sp. z o.o. (company) from Poland.

ABM Fast Solutions is a multirole polish research agency providing complete fieldworkresearch and analytics servicesin social and scientific researches for public and local government administration offices, consulting companies and scientific units like universities, independent scientific institutes and also market researches for enterprises from Poland and other countries.

Our agency has nationwide network of about 300 experienced interviewers and hundreds of mystery shoppers carefully recruited for several years, that alows carry out research in all provinces of Poland, so often we are also a subcontractor and partner for many other polish and foreign research agencies that need support in field research in Poland.

About 80% of our field employees are interviewers and auditors who carry out the research professionally. The rest of our network are interviewers and auditors cooperating in field trials ad hoc. These 20% people go through the recruitment and training process, during which we thoroughly verify their previous implementation experience in any the field of market and opinion research.

Core research team of our agency consist 9 researchers, with 6 have master degree in sociology and one has phd of sociology, all have at least 8 years of experience in social and market research.

Since 2013 ABM Fast Solutions is active member of EASTERN POLAND IT COMPANY CLUSTER.
Also agency is actively cooperate with scientific units and business environment institutions providing to them consulting services of methodological and analytical knowledge. To ensure the highest quality standards for fieldwork, all cooperating interviewers undergo dedicated substantiveand implementation training related to the implemented project.

To ensure the highest quality standards for our fieldwork services in Poland, all interviewers and auditors cooperating with us undergo dedicated substantive and implementation training related to the implemented project. While conducting research projects, we follow the best practices formulated by ESOMAR (The European Society for Opinion and MarketResearch).

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