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Our experience

ABM Fast Solutions constantly performs commercial quantitative research on various target groups on large samples of n = 800, n = 1000, n = 2500 using various research techniques (PAPI, CAPI, CATI, CAWI) and methods (face to face in house of respondent, exit polls) as well as extensive qualitative research (several dozen IDIs) , TDI, FGI).

The agency has many years of extensive experience in recruiting respondents for qualitative research also, being a regular supplier of such services for many research and consulting companies in Poland. One of examples is a research containing 8 FGI and 80 IDI’s with all of transcriptions made in just 4 weeks. 

We regularly carry large nationwide waves of mystery shopper, like n = 400, n = 800 and mystery call actions, n = 1200, n = 2100.

ABM Fast Solutions selected research experience examples:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys with clients of companies participating in the certification program conducted with CATI method with n=2700 clients and PAPI method (n=200) for Digital Knowledge Observatory (Competency Institute sp. z o.o.), X.2019-I.2020
  • Mystery shopping wave (n=450 customers service offices in Poland) in 2 weeks, I.2020
  • Conducting a nationwide representative survey on the CAWI online panel (n=1000) together with the development of the survey report and delivery of raw data in Excel, University of Szczecin, XII.2019
  • Nationwide face to face survey (conducted with exit poll method) with n=2520 clients with one of one of the pharmaceutical market companies, two-stage selection of the research sample (with systematic random selection method), X-XI.2019
  • Fieldwork in social research: In-depth interviews with officials, school teachers and employees of companies in southern Poland  (recruiting all participants and conducting interviews. A total of 80 IDI’s and 8 FGI groups were carried out), VII.2018
  • Survey of middle school students from 3rd grade in all schools in the City of Rzeszów, research ordered by one of regional labor offices (representative random sample, surveys with 2,541 students, comprehensive statistical analysis of data, report and a book publication), IV-V.2018
  • Fieldwork in social research: 4 focus groups conducted with graduates of basic vocational and technical schools in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, XII.2017
  • Tourist product research of the trail of Jan III Sobieski, Mixed mode methods (PAPI, CATI and CAWI) conducted in 6 regions of Poland with sample n=1200 respondents, III.2016
  • Fieldwork in social research: conducting a face to face survey on a quota sample (together with the random route method) on n=1200 residents  of the one of southern Poland Functional Areas,III-IV. 2015
  • Fieldwork in market research: Coordination and implementation of surveys in southern Poland on a quota sample (together with the random route method) of n=1000 inhabitants, VII.2015
  • Fieldwork in social research: Research of the situation of excluded persons and persons at risk of exclusion social, with particular emphasis on the risk of poverty in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, CAPI technique , two-stage selection of the research sample (with systematic random selection method), n=464 inhabitants, V.2014
  • Fieldwork in social research: Social research of public vocational schools in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship (auditorium surveys with n=2500 students of the last classes of vocational schools in the Podkarpackie voivodship were surveyed, with the prior consent of the school management), IV-VI.2013
  • Fieldwork in social research: 15 municipalities quota sample (together with the random route method), n=360, 2013